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Boxtainer Offer - a manufacturer of residential, office, social, sanitary and storage containers - Boxtainer - Manufacturer of multifunctional containers

Boxtainer offer

Boxtainer containers are created from start to finish in our production plant. We weld the frames ourselves, reinforce the modules, which gives us 100% control over the quality of their formation.

Depending on the function of our containers, we distinguish several basic types:

Residential containers

From worker’s hostels to accommodation in spectacular places around the world, from dorms to senior citizens’ homes – the possibilities for modular construction are limited only by our imagination. Full freedom in the choice of the finishing standard. It is possible to make en suite apartments or more economical solutions with shared sanitary facilities. And at the same time, the building made of our containers can be covered with an external façade in line with the latest design trends.
We are able to create buildings that meet advanced technical requirements, such as: resistance to corrosion, thermal insulation properties, fire protection properties.
Considering the price, quality and arrangement possibilities, coupled with short completion deadlines, Boxtainer offers investors the most advantageous business model, which is characterized by a ROI parameter unattainable for traditional construction.

Office containers

Your company is growing and You need additional space for employees? Are You starting a construction project and You want to provide comfortable conditions for Your people? Do You need additional office space next to an existing building? We are here to help You!
Construction offices, conference rooms or entire buildings based on the open-space trend are nothing new to us. We are able to adjust the solution to the Customer’s budget and schedule, while ensuring a high standard of workmanship and a modern, designer look.

Commercial pavilions

Sales outlets for every industry with an attractive and lightweight appearance. Are you thinking about opening a catering outlet? Bicycle service? A designer furniture showroom? Boxtainer will solve the problem of costly investment and the long procedural route associated with a brick building.

See our sample projects and contact us!

Functional containers

Boxtainer has extensive experience also in smaller, specialized projects, such as:

  • Storage containers
  • Gatehouses
  • Porter’s lodges
  • Field laboratories
  • Technical containers, used, among others, at airports

Also in this area we offer a full range of solutions at a favorable price and with a perfect completion deadline.

Adaptation of marine containers

Another aspect of Boxtainer’s business is the adaptation of marine containers. The most popular applications are:

  • Showrooms
  • Storage facilities
  • Sales and service outlets
  • Holiday houses
  • Residential buildings

We have experience in working with a wide array of finishing materials. We don’t shy away from ambitious projects. Do You have an original project and are looking for a contractor? Contact us!